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go2lube Total Tune-up!

Oil Change & Oil FIlter

Each Total Tune-Up includes a Go2lube Signature Full Synthetic Pennzoil and a Microgard Oil Filter. 

Spark Plugs & Plug Wires

Included with your Total Tune-Up you will also receive Bosch Iridium Spark Plugs and a Plug Wire Inspection.

Air & Cabin Filter

A brand new Microgard Engine Air Filter and Cabin Filter will be installed with purchase of Go2lubes Total Tune-Up.

Fuel Pump & Fuel FIlter

Your Technician will inspect your Fuel Pump and replace your Fuel Filter to ensure your car maintains its best functionality possible. 

Hoses & Fluids

No need to worry about those "Dry Rotted" hoses anymore with Go2lubes Hose and Connection Inspection.

And Much More!

Some of the other bells and whistles this Total Tune-Up includes are a new Serpentine Belt, Brake and rotor Inspection, Wiper Blades, Etc.

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Save our planet..

We recycle all of the waste oil we receive with the most eco-friendly practices available. 

Thanks for keeping our planet happy and healthy for our friends and family!

What our customers say

"@go2lube not only did the go2lube guy change my oil, he did it all while I was at work in less than 20 minutes.... how awesome"

"Got our cars oil done today by @go2lube. They did an amazing job n complimentary top off of the cars fluids was appreciated!"

"Shoutout to @go2lube for the excellent and spectacular customer service; recommended on all counts!"

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